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In keeping with the start of the new year, we would like to introduce our new 8MAN version 5.7. This version includes many new features, e.g. 8MAN for Exchange now includes even more modification functions.



"When we had finished the test run of 8MAN and saw all the 'sins' of the past, it was a real eye-opener." - Meinolf Zimmermann, IT Director of the City of Höxter


"We want to simplify the administration of rights and bring responsibility directly to the data owner. This has reduced our workload and increased our speed. Also, the internal review now has the option of directly viewing permissions." - Alexander Schanz, IT Leader Deutsche Flugsicherung


“The considerably better reporting of the actual permissions in AD is important for us.” - Stefan Brüggemann, Head of Atotech Worldwide IT Operations

  • 8MATE AD Logga

8MATE AD Logga. Monitoring is better.

Complete overview in Active Directory
8MATE AD Logga provides complete documentation for changes in Active Directory. Changes, for example, in group membership, that you can clearly verify in the shortest possible time. In the case where an unauthorized user has done this, you can prevent it in the future. 8MATE AD Logga creates reports for internal review as well as for auditors. You get a complete audit with a few clicks.

What does 8MATE AD Logga do?

All changes in the Active Directory are documented with 8MATE AD Logga. The monitoring includes even those interventions that are made in Active Directory outside of 8MAN. With the logging of the actual changes, 8MATE AD Logga seamlessly works in concert with the targeted assignment made through 8MAN. This ensures that you are always in control of your database. It does not matter which application is used, whether it is FIM or ADExplorer; 8MAN records it.

  • changes after time point X
  • logging of actual changes, such as passwords or group memberships
  • get complete audits with a few clicks

Comprehensive information and analysis as well as extensive audits

The add-on 8MATE AD Logga integrates seamlessly into currently existing 8MAN technology. Take advantage of the familiar intuitive interface and detect unwanted changes over a defined period of time in a flash.

What happened in AD?
8MATE AD Logga documents changes in Active Directory such as user accounts, attributes and group memberships and displays these in the 8MAN log book.

A strong team
When your administrators work with 8MAN, you can detect unauthorized changes more quickly with 8MATE AD Logga. That enables transparency at all levels of the Active Directory

Audits? Certainly?
Simple and clear reports help with the evaluation of data and audits. 8MATE AD Logga also documents changes that have already been undone.


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