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In keeping with the start of the new year, we would like to introduce our new 8MAN version 5.7. This version includes many new features, e.g. 8MAN for Exchange now includes even more modification functions.



"When we had finished the test run of 8MAN and saw all the 'sins' of the past, it was a real eye-opener." - Meinolf Zimmermann, IT Director of the City of Höxter


"We want to simplify the administration of rights and bring responsibility directly to the data owner. This has reduced our workload and increased our speed. Also, the internal review now has the option of directly viewing permissions." - Alexander Schanz, IT Leader Deutsche Flugsicherung


“The considerably better reporting of the actual permissions in AD is important for us.” - Stefan Brüggemann, Head of Atotech Worldwide IT Operations

  • 8MATE FS Logga

8MATE FS Logga. Monitoring is better.

File Server Monitoring
If someone obtains unauthorized access to your sensitive corporate data, you can easily trace it: 8MATE FS Logga uses the documentation of changes and access to your file server.

For internal reviews and audits, 8MATE FS Logga generates overview reports about all modifications. You receive a complete audit after only a few clicks.

What are the advantages of 8MATE FS Logga?

8MATE FS Logga registers access to selected directories and files and saves it. As a result, it can documented who performed what actions when. It can be determined whether and by whom something has been accessed and also who has read or changed specific data. FS Logga monitors NTFS Windows and netApp File Server. Three defined reports simply display all activity in a traceable manner without personal evaluation options.

  • changes after time point X
  • logging of actual changes, such as passwords or group memberships
  • get complete audits with a few clicks

Complete documentation and evaluation as well as extensive audits

In the first step, you define the sensitive directories to be monitored. 8MATE FS Logga documents changes in these data. In this way, it logs access in concert with the granting of rights with 8MAN.

New from the file server
8MATE FS Logga logs unauthorized access and changes in previously defined folders and files on your file server and safely saves it.

A strong team 
8MATE FS Logga works in conjunction with 8MAN for full transparency: Unauthorized access, which can be easily changed with 8MAN, is uncovered through 8MATE FS Logga

Audits? Certainly! 
8MATE FS Logga quickly creates easy-to-understand reports which help in the preservation and evaluation of data


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