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In keeping with the start of the new year, we would like to introduce our new 8MAN version 5.7. This version includes many new features, e.g. 8MAN for Exchange now includes even more modification functions.



"When we had finished the test run of 8MAN and saw all the 'sins' of the past, it was a real eye-opener." - Meinolf Zimmermann, IT Director of the City of Höxter


"We want to simplify the administration of rights and bring responsibility directly to the data owner. This has reduced our workload and increased our speed. Also, the internal review now has the option of directly viewing permissions." - Alexander Schanz, IT Leader Deutsche Flugsicherung


“The considerably better reporting of the actual permissions in AD is important for us.” - Stefan Brüggemann, Head of Atotech Worldwide IT Operations

  • 8MATE GrantMA

8MATE GrantMA for Workflows. Delegate and authorize.

GrantMA is there to help!

Grant Me Access (GrantMA) closes the gap between ordering and implementing permissions. GrantMA provides your employees with a self-service portal with which they can simply request permissions and group membership and be able to individually create your approval workflow. In as little as an hour, GrantMA is ready to use and then reliably documents the entire process.

  • web-based self-service portal for permissions and group memberships
  • easy integration into 8MAN technology
  • embedded into the authorization process and the data owner concept

The Problem

Employees, data owners (department supervisors) and IT administrators have different requirements in terms of company data. Likewise, the assignment of access rights also varies in this area of conflicting requirements.

  • the employee needs access to particular areas of IT in order to be able to create and modify data
  • the data owner is responsible for the content of this data as well as its security
  • the IT administrator supplies the required access rights to the data created for the technical implementation

The Solution

GrantMA allows employees and data owners to independently and individually manage the required access permissions.

  • the employee requests the necessary access rights and group memberships
  • the department head/data owner can specify and monitor the automatically documented security status via the granting of rights based on the know-how of the department -
  • the IT administrator can continue to concentrate more intensely on his core business.

An overview of your advantages

  • web-based self-service portal for ordering permissions and group memberships
  • simple integration of 8MAN technology and easy-to-use format similar to that of an online shop
  • option to set individual data owner configuration and workflows
  • reduction of the IT administrator's workload and strengthening of a department's individual knowledge
  • minimization of incorrect access rights and increased efficiency in workflows
  • full review security through automatic documentation


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