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CentraStage Testimonial

"By adopting the CentraStage platform we can proactively manage our products and services through a scalable cloud-based platform. Their SaaS remote monitoring and management tool is a genuine game-changer for our business and our customers, including most of the GP surgeries, CCGs and health boards in the UK" - INPS

"We manage a complex estate of over 200 sites and 100,000 devices. Centrastage gives our team the flexibility to work anywhere and effectively support any device via the integrated platform. The time and resource savings from automation alone have been superb, helping us deliver an excellent service at even the busiest periods in the year." - LGfL

"CentraStage’s impact has been huge. We can now not only proactively monitor the environment, ensuring that our servers and PCs are patched, secure and stable, but we can pick up problems before they arise. More importantly it has allowed us to automate dozens of previously manual tasks such as software installations and updates, and health checks." - Somerset County Council


Manage any connected device, in real time, at any scale

CentraStage is a SaaS platform for the management of endpoints - servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, in fact any connected device. It is a true elastic cloud solution providing real-time, proactive visibility, monitoring and management of millions of endpoints located anywhere on the planet.

Our service comprises multiple, resilient, load balanced systems across the US, Europe and Asia-Pac, enabling our customers to audit, manage, monitor and support devices from smartphones to servers, kiosks to printers.

With unrivalled scalability and rapid time to value, we provide a secure management and monitoring solution for the real problems faced by the people and companies who take care of technology.


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