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Data Protection Virtual Backup Appliances

Backup and Recovery Software

You already have your server, your storage, your networking, your hypervisor—what you want is backup software. But how do you choose? You have the traditional enterprise vendors who offer complex and expensive software that can require a PhD in backup just to understand all the options you need to buy. You have non-integrated niche vendors extolling that almost anything other than what they sell is “legacy” and hence bad—and making excuses for lack of functionality by telling you its by design. And for all of them you have the nagging suspicion—born of your own experience and reinforced in social media and everywhere you go—that when the chips are down you’re going to be on your own with poor customer support.

Enter Unitrends. We offer two backup virtual appliances: Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ (UEB) and Unitrends Virtual Backup™ (UVB). UEB is designed for virtual, physical, and unified systems and supports VMware backup, Hyper-V backup, and recovery of both, UVB is a specialized product designed for virtual-only systems and suppots XenServer backup and recovery. A more thorough comparison of each is depicted below.

And since the best choice can sometimes be not having to make a choice, we offer our Unitrends Certified Recovery Suite™ that includes Unitrends Enterprise Backup, Unitrends Virtual Backup, and ReliableDR.


Unitrends Virtual Backup (UVB) and Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB) Comparison

Deploys on and protects Citrix XenServer Checkmark icon X-Mark Icon
Simplest possible virtualization-only user interface Checkmark icon X-Mark Icon
Optimizes storage, memory, and compute resources versus performance Checkmark icon Checkmark icon
Deploys on and protects Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware v-Sphere X-Mark Icon Checkmark icon
Protects physical systems X-Mark Icon Checkmark icon
Unified Dissimilar bare metal recovery X-Mark Icon Checkmark icon
Deep virtual protection X-Mark Icon Checkmark icon
Works with ReliableDR recovery assurance and dr testing software X-Mark Icon Checkmark icon
Supports third-party clouds Checkmark icon Checkmark icon
Can replicate to and be managed by Unitrends Cloud storage and DRaaS X-Mark Icon Checkmark icon
Can replicate and be managed by Recovery-Series X-Mark Icon Checkmark icon
Unitrends Bridge™ X-Mark Icon Checkmark icon
Granular file level and application object restore Checkmark icon Checkmark icon
Global deduplication Checkmark icon Checkmark icon
Hypervisor-level instant recovery Checkmark icon Checkmark icon
Windows VM- or physical level and hypervisor-level instant recovery X-Mark Icon Checkmark icon
Multitenancy and roles X-Mark Icon Checkmark icon
Licensed by sockets Checkmark icon Checkmark icon
Licensed by protected capacity, sockets, and server X-Mark Icon Checkmark icon



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