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Heroware Testimonial

"HEROware meets all of our compliance requirements especially during an audit, allowing us to focus on our core business and not worry about losing data or having any downtime." - Scott Chelberg, President Retirement Solutions Inc

"I highly recommend HEROware to anyone looking for reliable, cost-effective, and simple to use backup & disaster recovery solution with 100% US-based support. I will recommend HEROware to all my clients." - John Albee Active Computing, Inc

" HEROware brings an appliance to this [market, disaster recovery], so that it's a turn-key process. Bring the box in, flip the switch, answer a couple of key questions and you're protected. It's that simple." - Peter Laudenslager, Senior Product Planner Microsoft


Watch Video Testimonial Here


HEROware Webinar-Your Last BDR---Ever!

Experience The Ultimate in Business Continuity With HERO-Defender and HERO-Defender+ The Only Real-Time, Full Server Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions with Five Nines*

Training - HERO-Defender Creating a Protection Job

Your HERO-Defender protects production machines by replicating every byte-level transaction in real-time. Your entire system is protected, from system state, to OS, Apps, Data, and more. You have an up-to-the-second copy of your entire production machine living on our appliance waiting for a disaster. If you need to failover, hit the failover button and your production machine spins-up as a Hyper-V VHD in approx. 3 minutes...yes, we truly are "Faster in a Disaster". This training video will walk you through the steps necessary to create a protection job.

Training - HEROware Secure-Cloud Managing a Customer from Trial to Paid

Your HERO-Defender comes with Secure-Cloud off-site protection. As the MSP/Reseller you have complete management of all your Customers and the Clients within to set up protection of their Defenders, workstations, laptops, or MACs.

Training - HERO-Defender Performing a Test Failover

Your HERO-Defender is protecting your production server(s) in real-time with byte level replication. That protection job is creating a real-time Hyper-V VHD on our HERO-Defender. Should you need to failover that process will happen in minutes.


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