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SBAdmin provides the most flexible bare-metal recovery solution for Linux and Unix Systems.


More than just a backup utility, SBAdmin is a complete backup management solution.



Managing the backups of numerous systems can be time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient. When you consider the resources and hardware necessary to manage each system individually, the process becomes costly and ineffective. SBAdmin allows you to centrally manage all of your AIX, Linux, and Solaris systems from a single, easy-to-use interface, while providing the capability of performing network backups and sharing the hardware resources on each system.

Key Benefits:

  • All systems managed from a single application
  • Network backup to disk, tape and NFS
  • Reduce hardware costs and backup windows
  • Intuitive, centralized management
  • Single application for all backup needs


While some backup solutions are built to handle the immense requirements necessary for centrally managing full-system backups of large dispersed networks, SBAdmin Workstation Edition is designed for standalone systems which utilize local backup resources. SBAdmin Workstation Edition is also well-suited for isolated systems with no access to the network.

Key Benefits:

  • Local backup to disk, tape or NFS
  • Ideal for standalone or isolated systems
  • Same intuitive interface accross all platforms
  • Multiple interface options - Web, GUI, CLI
  • Single application for all backup needs


IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) is an enterprise class data backup and recovery solution, providing powerful backup and storage management features. Yet, TSM does not include centralized full-system backup and bare-metal recovery capabilities across a heterogonous UNIX environment. Storix solves this problem by providing a purpose-built version of SBAdmin that integrates with TSM. SBAdmin TSM Edition compliments your Tivoli data backup and recovery plan, by providing you with unparalleled full-system backup and flexible bare-metal recovery.

Key Benefits:

  • Write system backups directly to TSM server
  • Support for AIX, Linux, and Solaris
  • All systems managed from a single application
  • Add BMR capability to your TSM environment
  • Increased disaster preparedness


With the SBAdmin Backup Encryption license option, all Linux, Solaris and AIX backups, from single directories to full system backups, can be encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. This feature may be added to the Network Edition,Workstation Edition, and TSM Edition licenses.

With encrypted backups, no one (not even Storix) can read your backup data without knowing your encryption key. This protects against the loss of secure information due to unauthorized access to your backups, as well as your stolen or lost backup tapes.

Key features:

  • Simplified encryption key management
  • Utilizes Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • Meets or exceeds NSA requirements
  • Supports up to 256-bit AES encryption
  • Client-side encryption for encrypted network transfer


The TSM Integration license is an optional feature that may be added to the SBAdmin Network Edition license. This option is designed to add TSM client (node) and TSM server support to the full range of SBAdmin features. The TSM Integration license is a cost-effective alternative because you only purchase TSM support for those clients/nodes that require it.

This optional feature will provide your TSM environment with the added protection of full-system backups for your AIX, Linux and Solaris systems. These full systems backups, with our ASR technology allow you to perform flexible bare-metal recovery of systems backed up directly to the TSM server.

Key Benefits:

  • Disaster recovery for TSM node and non-TSM node clients
  • Writing backups to TSM, SBAdmin or NFS servers
  • Support for AIX, Linux, and Solaris
  • All systems managed from a single application
  • Disaster recovery for TSM server itself


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