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The only EdgeWall Network Access Control System. You wouldn't use an out of band Firewall so why would you want an out of band NAC. EdgeWall is the only inline NAC appliance available.

Cost Effective Network Security
The cost of maintaining and troubleshooting multiple security devices on an enterprise network can be overwhelming. To mitigate these operational costs, Milton Security Group’s solutions have combined advanced features and data analysis in to as few appliances as possible. On top of that, every Milton appliance is completely agnostic, with the ability to work with any infrastructure and any devices that may already be in place on your network or that may be added in the future.

With the most affordable, cost effective pricing (no per-user fees) amongst all of our competitors, Milton Security solutions delivers monumental savings both upfront and in perpetuity. With our ‘Set it and Forget it” appliances, training and administrative costs are nearly nonexistent. Take advantage of our cost saving solutions and improve your network security today!

  • EdgeWall

The EdgeWall is the industry's first and only Inline Adaptive Network Access Control appliance that manages all traffic on a packet by packet basis. What makes an EdgeWall Adaptive? It works with any equipment already on the network. It does not need to interact with switches to change vlans, and it does not need to use special protocols for new equipment, giving you the flexibility you need to handle every scenario.

Highest Level Of Control


The Control Server

The EdgeWall NAC solutions provide the best granularity in the industry. What do we mean by granularity? We mean control down to every minute detail!

With each device that connects to the network, the EdgeWall establishes a security perimeter, answering the need-to-know questions: Who? What? When? Where? How? It also scans and determines device health(viruses, malware, updates) prior to allowing access to resources. With an extensive range of features, your administrators have the tools they need to enforce every policy your company desires. From total quarantine of any device to gentle reminders of missing updates. The EdgeWall can help you protect your network from any potential threats on your network.


At the heart of the EdgeWall solution is the Control Server, a centralized resource on the network that provides services to the connected Enforcement Appliances such as authentication management, mobility management (roaming support), policy management, and system monitoring and reporting.  This server provides central management for Enforcement Units allowing you to deploy units across large networks without increasing management load.  The Control Server is deployed as a dedicated control function and does not sit in the user data path.

A second Control Server can be deployed in a redundant High Availability configuration to support stateful failover.  All network logins will be verified by the control server, ensuring your credentials are accepted by all enforcement units. This allows you to roam across your network while maintaining a consistent secure presence.



Agent Optional: BYOD with ease

Policies are only words on paper, until they're put into action.

The Enforcement Appliance is designed to execute your policies, checking to make sure a device is updated to your organization's baseline requirement before it is allowed on the network. Sitting inline with your users, the enforcement appliance monitors every packet crossing your network.

The Enforcement Appliance has an unprecedented level of customization. When connecting to your network, the Edgewall determines who is connecting, from what device, is this an allowed period of time, where the device attached to the network, and how. The EdgeWall doesn’t leave anything to chance.

The EdgeWall Enforcement Appliance also support high availability for your network. When paired with a second Enforcement Appliance and switches capable of utilizing spanning tree, a single failure on your network improves your reliability.


The Endpoint Detective is an optional agent that can either be downloaded from the EdgeWall systems from a hosted page, and can be run without an administrative privileges. These dissolvable agents provide an opportunity to check the health on new or strange devices.

One challenge with Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) environments has been the ability to enforce security policies on devices your company has no control over.  Endpoint Detective helps break down these challenges.  Endpoint Detective comes preconfigured to accept instructions from the enforcement appliances on your specific security policies.  As soon as health is established and access is granted, the agent can simply be moved to the trash or left for future use.  Your security policies are never stored on the endpoint ensuring criteria remains secure.


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