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Aegis Padlock Pro - eSATA | USB 2.0

Encrypted Hard Drive with PIN Access

  • Secure PIN Access
  • 256-bit Military Grade AES-XTS Hardware Encryption
  • Solid Aluminum Enclosure
  • Software-free design - No admin rights required
  • Compatible with any OS - Windows, Mac & Linux
  • Designed and Assembled in the U.S.A.
  • Overview
  • Specifications
  • FAQs
  • Documents

Utilize the blazing speed of eSATA with the security of 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption with the Aegis Padlock ProWith a software free design, secure PIN access, real-time 256-bit AES encryption and sporting a dual eSATA / USB interface, the ultra-fast Aegis Padlock Pro is the ideal drive for those that require the ultimate in security and speed.

Need to secure your data on the go? The Aegis Padlock Pro fuses hardware data protection with a speedy eSATA and USB connection. Featuring an easy-to-use keypad design and software free setup, the Aegis Padlock Pro enables you to access the drive with your own unique pin.

Utilizes Military Grade FIPS PUB 197 Validated Encryption Algorithm
Your data is protected 24/7 with AES 256-bit hardware encryption. The Aegis Padlock Pro seamlessly encrypts all data on the drive in real-time, keeping your data safe even if the hard drive is removed from its enclosure.

Ultra-fast eSATA and USB interface - Data transfer rates of up to 90MB/sec
Ultra compatible with both eSATA and USB, the Aegis Padlock Pro can support eSATA data transfer rates of up to 90MB/sec. In cases when you can only find a USB port, the Aegis Padlock will work like a conventional USB drive, giving you ultimate flexibility.

Software Free Design – With no admin rights to contend with the Aegis Padlock Pro is a breeze to implement
With no software installation required for setup or operation and the ability to run on any platform, the Aegis Padlock Pro provides stress free deployment in corporate environments. Its Administrator Feature allows enrollment of up to ten unique user ID’s and one administrator, making it a useful business collaboration tool.

Data at Rest Protection
All data, PINs, and encryption keys are always encrypted while at rest.

Sealed from Physical Attacks by Tough Epoxy Coating
In addition to encrypting all of the PINs, data and the encryption key itself, the Aegis Padlock Pro adds another barrier between your data and a hacker. The encryption chip and circuitry of the Aegis Padlock Pro are completely protected by a super tough epoxy compound, which is virtually impossible to remove without causing permanent damage to the electronics. This barrier prevents a potential hacker from accessing the encryption circuitry and launching a variety of potential attacks.

Brute Force Self Destruct Feature
The Aegis Padlock Pro uses a three pronged approach to protect against a Brute Force attack. The first step is to deny access to the drive until the drive can verify the user PIN. After several incorrect attempts the drive will lock itself, requiring the drive to be plugged in again to input a PIN. This feature blocks automated attempts to enter PIN numbers. Lastly, after a predetermined number of failed PIN entries, the Padlock Pro assumes it is being attacked and will destroy the encryption key and lock itself, rendering the data useless and requiring a total reset to redeploy the drive.

VTC Technology
Protection against hacker attempts doesn’t stop with Brute Force. Incorporated into the Aegis Padlock Pro’s electronics is Apricorn’s Variable Time Circuit (VTC) technology, working to thwart “timing attacks” aimed at accessing the drive by studying the behavior and infiltrating the Padlock’s electronics.

Wear Resistant Key Pad
Designed with protection in mind, the entire Aegis Padlock family incorporates ‘wear resistant’ keypads to hide key usage and avoid tipping off a potential hacker to the commonly used keys.

Compact, Rugged Design – Perfect for taking your data on the road
The Padlock Pro’s low powered design is perfect for using with notebooks and taking your data on the road. Bus Powered, the Padlock Pro requires a single connection when used with a Power eSATA / USB Combo port or USB port. When used with the included USB power cable, the Padlock Pro also works with Standard eSATA connections. Perfectly pocketable, the Padlock Pro’s compact, robust design features a 16-point omni-directional shock mounting system, protecting the drive from drops and knocks.

Data Transfer Rate eSATA – up to 90 MB/sec | USB 2.0 – up to 480mbps
Power Supply 100% Bus Powered
Buffersize 8MB
Interface eSATA and USB 2.0 | Compatible with eSATA / USB Combo port (Power eSATA), Standard eSATA port and USB port
RPM 5400
Average seek time 12 ms
Shock - non operating 1000G 1ms
Shock - operating 300G 2ms
Dimensions 19mm X 84.5mm X 120mm (0.75” X 3.3” X 4.7”) Weight: 6.2oz.
Warranty 3 year limited
Approvals FCC & CE
System Requirements Compatible with all Operating Systems, including Windows, Mac and Linux Requires USB port, eSATA / USB Combo port (Power eSATA) or Standard eSATA port)
Comments One gigabyte (GB) = one billion bytes; accessible capacity will be less and actual capacity depends on the operating environment and formatting.
After formatting the Padlock Pro with Mac Lion, the drive no longer unlocks.

The firmware will need to be updated to work with Lion’s new disk utility.

To download the new firmware click on the link below:

Click to download Apricorn 1610 FirmWare Updater v1.01
Type: Application | Size: 1.12 MB

Click to download Installation Instructions
Type: Word Doc | Size: 251 KB

How do I use the Aegis Padlock the first time?

You can use it in one of the following ways:

1) Enter the Admin Mode with 123456 (default administrator password), and then you are able to change the Admin Password OR

2) Create a User Password Directly enter the Secure User Mode with 123456 (default Admin Password) to use the Aegis Padlock.

What can I do if I forget the User Password?
Use your Admin Password to enter Admin Mode, and then create another User Password in Admin Mode.
What can I do if I forget the Admin Password?
There is no other way to retrieve the Admin Password except a complete reset of the Aegis Padlock. After a complete reset, all data will be lost and you will need to initialize, allocate and format the Aegis Padlock manually. Then you will be able to use the default Admin Password 123456.
Why did the operating system not recognize the Aegis Padlock after I enter the User Mode and completely reset the computer?
You need to initialize, allocate and format the Aegis Padlock manually. For more information, refer to "Initializing and formatting the Hard Drive after a complete reset" in the product manual.
Can I initialize and format the Aegis Padlock with Windows user?
No, this is a Windows limitation, you must use the Admin account to initialize and format the Aegis Padlock.
How do I use the Aegis Padlock without a PIN?
As a full disk encryption product, the Aegis Padlock can never be used without a PIN.
What encryption algorithm is used in this product?
Depending on your model the Aegis Padlock uses either AES 128-bit or 256-bit algorithm.
Why could I not change my User Password which has the same digits as the Admin password?
You can change it only in the Admin Mode. In the User Mode, the User Password which has the same digits is created in the Admin Mode cannot be changed or deleted.
Why could I not initialize, partition or format the Aegis Padlock?
Ensure that you have administrator privileges. You can use only the administrator account to initialize, partition or format the Aegis Padlock in the Admin Mode.
Q. What is BadUSB and are Apricorn devices susceptible to this exploit?
A. BadUSB is a theoretical exploit that was presented by SR Labs at the Black Hat conference in August of 2014. SR Labs demonstrated a vulnerability in one USB device that allowed malicious code to be programmed into the USB controller through a firmware update process. The attack described is very sophisticated and in the case of Apricorn’s products would require advanced knowledge of our USB controller, a leaked version of our firmware, the programming tool to update our controller, the password used for our programming tool, and an in depth understanding of the device’s functionality, etc. According to SR Labs, the failsafe method to eliminate this threat is to simply disable the ability to update the controller’s firmware. Many of Apricorn’s devices shipping today, including all of our USB 3.0 security products, Padlock and Padlock Pro families already have the firmware locked which prevents field updates to the USB controller. As a continuous improvement, Apricorn is locking down the firmware on all USB controllers used in Apricorn devices to safeguard against this vulnerability. We recommend checking our website periodically for notices regarding BadUSB and Security Updates.
Aegis Padlock Whitepaper Aegis-Padlock-Whitepaper_3.pdf
Aegis Padlock Pro Quick Start Guide Aegis_Padlock_Pro_QSG.pdf
Aegis Padlock DT Manual Aegis_Padlock_Pro_Manual.pdf
Datasheet Apricorn 2014 Datasheet Apricorn 2014.pdf


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