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SBAdmin provides the most flexible bare-metal recovery solution for Linux and Unix Systems.


More than just a backup utility, SBAdmin is a complete backup management solution.

  • AIX



Linux data backup and disaster recovery is at the core of what we do best. Storix System Backup Administrator (SBAdmin) provides Systems Administrators the peace of mind that mission critical Linux systems can be recovered in their entirety without having to reinstall the operating system. Our Linux bare-metal recovery capability includes a process we call Adaptable System Recovery (ASR). With ASR, a file-based backup of the entire Linux system is created along with customizable recovery media. Unlike image-based backups, you can recovery the entire Linux system to dissimilar hardware or virtual environments as well as perform individual file restores from a full system backup.


Whether you are backing up Red Hat, Oracle Linux, SuSE, or Debian, SBAdmin understands the various options available for configuring storage. To reliably restore the system from bare-metal, we have become experts in LVM, Software RAID, and Device-Mapper Multipath devices. SBAdmin's ASR technology is flexible enough to allow you to make changes to the configurations during system recovery. For this reason, SBAdmin is also an ideal solution for hardware migration and provisioning/cloning scenarios.

Supported hardware/virtual platforms:

  • Intel/x86, AMD64, x86_64
  • IBM System x and HS20 BladeCenter
  • IBM POWER, LPAR, and JS20 BladeCenter 
  • VMware guest systems (Intel/x86)
  • Xen Dom0 and DomU systems (Intel/x86)
  • VirtualBox virtual machines (Intel/x86)
  • Oracle VM (Intel/x86)


SBAdmin for Linux provides support for:

  • Logical Volume Manager (LVM)
  • Software RAID
  • Device-Mapper Multipath
  • All major filesystems (ext3, ext4, JFS, XFS, Btrfs, etc.)
  • GRUB, GRUB2, and LILO bootloaders


IBM's AIX Logical Volume Management (LVM) provides many options for software storage configuration, allowing you to tune your I/O performance and system availability using striping, mirroring, specific disk placement, etc. After a full system failure, recovering an AIX server to its previous configuration, even when using AIX mksysb or NIM (AIX Network Installation Manager), can become a difficult and time-consuming task. Add a change in disk or system hardware to the process and you may experience days of downtime and lost revenues.

While SBAdmin for AIX is an advanced tape and disk backup management solution, it has the ability to completely rebuild a system, from bare-metal, that distinguishes SBAdmin from competing products. SBAdmin is the leader in Adaptable System Recovery (ASR), which provides the unique ability to recover an entire AIX system (ROOTVG and any other volume groups) and install it onto the same or dissimilar hardware.

Most bare-metal restore (BMR) products create disk images that limit the flexibility necessary when restoring onto dissimilar hardware. SBAdmin records your system and storage configuration with each system backup, and then uses this information to rebuild the system from the ground up. Since we are rebuilding the system and not copying the system, you can make changes to that configuration to restore onto completely different hardware. This makes SBAdmin an ideal solution for hardware migration and provisioning/cloning scenarios.

Supported Enviornments:

  • IBM System p (pSeries/RS6000) and JS20 BladeCenters
  • IBM LPAR virtualized environments
  • AIX V5L, AIX V6, AIX V7



Creating full system backups of your Oracle Solaris systems have never been more crucial. With storage innovations such as ZFS and Solaris Volume Manager (SVM), you can tailor your storage for the best possible I/O performance and system availability using striping, mirroring, specific disk placement, etc. After a full system failure, recovering a Solaris server to its previous configuration can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Add a change in disk or system hardware to the process and you may experience days of downtime and lost revenues. 


While SBAdmin for Oracle Solaris is a tape and disk backup management solution with many advanced features for managing your user data backup strategy, it is the full system backup and recovery features that distinguishes SBAdmin from competing products. SBAdmin is the only product that provides Adaptable System Recovery (ASR), which is the unique ability to recover an entire Solaris system and install it onto the same or dissimilar hardware. More than just an insurance policy, many users rely on SBAdmin as a way to migrate production system to new hardware. For example, you can clone production systems from T2 sparc systems to newer T4 hardware without reinstalling the operating system. SBAdmin an ideal solution for hardware migrations, physical to LDOM migrations, and provisioning/cloning scenarios.

SBAdmin supports the following storage configuration options:

  • Solaris Volume Manager (SVM)
  • ZFS filesystems and volumes
  • All major filesystems including OCFS2, UFS, UDFS and PCFS


SBAdmin supports the following Solaris operating systems:

  • Solaris 9 version 9/05 and later
  • Solaris 10 version 1/06 - 8/11
  • Solaris 11 Express (64-bit)
  • Solaris 11 11/11


SBAdmin supports the following hardware platforms:

  • Intel/x86 (32 and 64-bit)
  • SPARC (sun4u and sun4v)


Storix System Backup Administrator (SBAdmin) is the only system backup and recovery software supporting flexible full-system backup and bare-metal recovery for Red Hat and SUSE Linux running on IBM's new PowerLinux Systems (formerly System p and Linux on Power).

A common question for those migrating from AIX or other UNIX operating systems to Linux is, "How do I perform DR on Linux?" or

"Where is my mksysb for Linux?"

With SBAdmin, you get more than just the command line utilities of mksysb or sysback. You get a complete backup management system that allows not only bare-metal recovery of your PowerLinux Red Hat and SUSE systems, but regularly scheduled filesystem and directory backups.

SBAdmin is the leader in Adaptable System Recovery (ASR). This allows for restoration of the entire system (operating system and user data) onto same or different system or disk configurations (referred to as hardware migration or cloning). Because it is file-based backup rather than a disk image, you can perform individual file restores.

No other backup utility, not even AIX mksysb or TSM Sysback, has all the system backup and disaster recovery features and flexibility of SBAdmin. Storix first introduced SBAdmin for AIX in 1999, providing the most reliable system recovery, cloning and hardware migration for IBM RS/6000 systems available. Support for all Linux on Power distributions was added in 2004. We KNOW IBM Power! Unlike a restore from mksysb for AIX, SBAdmin bootable backup tapes for PowerLinux can also include data volume groups other than the root volume group.

SBAdmin supports systems running virtually all Linux distributions, including Red Hat, Fedora, SUSE, Debian, and Ubuntu). Backups can be written over the network to disk or tape as well as to locally attached storage.


Rapid deployment of SBAdmin

IBM PureFlex System is a comprehensive infrastructure system that provides an expert integrated system. It combines servers, enterprise storage, networking, virtualization, and management into a single structure. With the SBAdmin backup appliance for PureFlex, you can download a preconfigured backup server pattern ready to handle your Linux, PowerLinux and AIX system backups for disaster recovery.

Migrations to IBM PureFlex

Moving to PureFlex? How you configure storage in a PureFlex environment may be different than a standalone system or basic LPARs attached to a single VIO server. With SBAdmin, you can flexibly migrate existing non-PureFlex systems into your PureFlex environment to take advantage of automated scaling of resources and true workload mobility. Using our process of Adaptable System Recovery, you can migrate your systems while changing the storage configuration to better utilize your resources.

Peace of Mind

SBAdmin is the only flexible bare-metal backup and recovery product available for AIX, Linux, and PowerLinux in IBM PureFlex environments. By delivering both simplicity and flexibility in the system recovery process, your system images can be rapidly deployed or recovered - greatly reducing your Recovery Time Objective (RTO).


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