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Customer Testimonials

“When a small or medium business goes through hardware failure, they are down 3-4 days. SUREedge® completely erases that problem.” - Gary Cooper from Frontier Networking

“We’ve created a fully managed, self-healing IT environment with SUREedge® at the core.” - Randall Metcalf, CEO of HeroSoft Technology

“You guys have one of the simplest interfaces I’ve seen. Everything from deployment to making schedules was easy.” - Troy Tolhurst, CEO of TaskNetworking

“Surline’s BCDR appliances enable us to provide the type of service and dependability that our customers have come to expect.” - Billy Buckley, CEO of Networks Inc.

  • Overview

Introducing SUREedge®

SUREedge® is a proven, flexible, enterprise-class Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution which can accommodate a variety of onsite, remote and Cloud-based disaster recovery scenarios for mission-critical applications running on physical and virtual servers.


SUREedge leverages current industry capabilities and unique Sureline advancements to overcome the barriers that have traditionally hindered organizations from putting into place a good disaster recovery plan for key mission-critical applications and servers.

Prior to SUREedge, DRaaS solutions have been too expensive, too complex, and inflexible. They may support only physical servers or only virtual servers, they lock customers into one vendor’s Cloud services, often lack the ability to use a Cloud-based DR site, or lack the tools necessary to capture all steps needed to perform a failover, and the ability to test the DR plan often — without losing data or affecting IT operations.


What is SUREedge?

SUREedge is flexible and modular to accommodate each individual customer’s IT infrastructure. It protects mission-critical applications, running on physical or virtual servers, provides the freedom to use any vendor’s Cloud or a remote site as the DR site, and includes DR Planner to capture the steps involved to bring-up and fail-over to the DR site.

The DR plan can be executed automatically, or with a single mouse click, at the remote site for a zero data loss failover. Or, the DR plan can be ran in “test mode” to ensure confidence without actually switching operations over to the DR site.


How is SUREedge Unique?

  1. SUREedge protects physical and virtual servers residing in a data center or in any Cloud. SUREedge captures application consistent Recovery Points from mission-critical servers and applications as often as every 15-minutes. These recovery points are then replicated, efficiently using deduplication, compression and encryption, to a remote site or Cloud for safety, These recovery points can then be used to restore an application to a prior point-in-time, and can boot any “full” or “incremental” Recovery Point as a VM — either locally, at a remote site, or in a Cloud and failover/failback — instantly for superior RPOs and RTOs.
  2. SUREedge can boot either a Friday “full” or any of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday “15 minute incremental” Recovery Point, providing the best-in-class disaster recovery RPO.
  3. SUREedge uses a snapshot when capturing a Recovery Point to ensure that when a failover occurs, no data is lost in the process. So DR plans can be tested often to ensure confidence and speed of execution when the moment is at hand.
  4. With SUREedge, there is no lock-in because any remote site or Cloud can be used as the DR site, and dissimilar hardware can be used at the primary and DR site. SUREedge is available as a VMware or Hyper-V virtual appliance, or as an all-in-one physical appliance.
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