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The only EdgeWall Network Access Control System. You wouldn't use an out of band Firewall so why would you want an out of band NAC. EdgeWall is the only inline NAC appliance available.

Cost Effective Network Security
The cost of maintaining and troubleshooting multiple security devices on an enterprise network can be overwhelming. To mitigate these operational costs, Milton Security Group’s solutions have combined advanced features and data analysis in to as few appliances as possible. On top of that, every Milton appliance is completely agnostic, with the ability to work with any infrastructure and any devices that may already be in place on your network or that may be added in the future.

With the most affordable, cost effective pricing (no per-user fees) amongst all of our competitors, Milton Security solutions delivers monumental savings both upfront and in perpetuity. With our ‘Set it and Forget it” appliances, training and administrative costs are nearly nonexistent. Take advantage of our cost saving solutions and improve your network security today!

  • USBInformer

Control USB Port Access

USBInformer provides USB port security on every Windows based endpoint on your network. Using a real-time security monitoring service, the USBInformer client stops access to any USB device not approved by administrators. The web portal then allows administrators to remotely grant or reject user access to new and existing USB devices. 

USBInformer provides granular control over USB ports based on a combination of computer, user and USB Device ID.

Every device plugged in to a monitored computer is recorded and the information is sent back to the administrator portal, who are then able to review which users attempted to plug in unauthorized devices.

Device Types



  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • IIS 7.5
  • .NET 4.0
  • SQL Server Express 2008


Client Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
  • .NET 4.0
  • Administrative Privileges (for setup only)

From storage devices to bluetooth dongles, USBInformer recognizes and controls all types of USB devices. It is even able to individually control devices connected to a USB Hub.
What about charging my cell phone?
USBInformer allows devices like cell phones to continue to charge while maintaining control of all unauthorized devices. This means your cell phone will continue to get its power without fear of introducing security risks to your machine. 


Administrator Defined Exceptions

There are many devices that do not need to be monitored such as mice and keyboards. Users and administrators commonly move these devices from computer to computer, and user to user. With USBInformer, administrators are able to define exception devices, allowing these devices to roam between computers and users.

USBInformer Dashboard


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