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Unitrends Virtual Backup

for Citrix XenServer

Unitrends Virtual Backup™ is a simply better virtual backup appliance that may be deployed on Citrix XenServer for virtual-only protection. What do we mean by “simply better?”  Unitrends Virtual Backup is purpose-built for virtualization-only environments—it’s simple, elegant, and powerful web-based user interface is designed not only for novices but scales for power users. An intuitive click minimization scheme allows you to at a glance monitor your environment and to easily manage it your data protection.

Need to also protect VMware /and or Hyper-V? Try the Unitrends Certified Recovery Suite for comprehensive hypervisor protection. Includes Unitrends Virtual Backup and more.

Highlights of our Unitrends Virtual Backup virtual appliance include:

  • Complete hypervisor-level protection Citrix XenServer.
  • Install, configure, and backup virtual machines in minutes.
  • Intuitive, simple, and yet sophisticated user interface designed for virtualization lovers.
  • Uses 66% less storage space and 75% less computing resources than competing systems.
  • Global deduplication for storage efficiency.
  • Instant rollback recovery.
  • Our award-winning crazy-committed customer support who leads the industry with 98% customer satisfaction.

Recovery-Series Data Backup Appliances

Physical Appliances for Data Protection, Instant Recovery, and Cloud Recovery

Recovery-Series Detailed Feature List

Easy to Use

  • Install and configure VMs in seconds.
  • Schedule and execute your backups 5 times faster, with 95% deduplication efficiency.
  • Reduce demand on your virtual resources by 75%, and cut storage by 66%.
  • Deliver offsite protection at the touch of a button.
  • Continually monitor virtual backup health at a glance, and provide status reports in seconds.
  • Assure full application recoveries either scheduled or in response to an outage.
  • Integrate virtual backup with DR failover, failback and testing.

One glance. Single dashboard displays your most important metrics.
  • The number of total errors in backup.
  • Protected and unprotected VMs.
  • Your total storage, and the amount of storage used versus allocated, write speed, % growth per day, data change rate per day, and dedupe rate achieved.

One click. Click once to drill down for details.
  • See a list of all protected and unprotected VMs.
  • All backup, restore, and replication jobs that errored in the past 7 days.
  • All active file recovery and instant recovery sessions.

Two clicks. View a Protection Summary Report
  • Shows details for all protected VMs, unprotected VMs, archived backups, and replication jobs.

Three clicks. Backup all of your XenServer VMs
  • Assures load-balancing across available storage automatically.
  • Recover a VM to a restore point with Rollback Recovery. Unitrends Virtual Backup determines the changed data between the recovery point and production, and writes only changed data to achieve amazing recovery speeds in a fraction of the time of any other competitive alternative.


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